Drinkers for chicken coops

As a chicken coop or hen house generally holds only a few chickens or hens – less than 15 birds – the best way to give them water is with poultry founts – these are easy to use and easy to clean and will keep the birds watered for at least 24 hours.Automatic drinking equipment like nipple drinkers can be used but the cost is not usually viable for small chicken houses.

water for a hen house - fonts

Fonts - 4 liters and 10 liter

A 4 liter fount or a 10 liter fount are both available for hen houses and chicken coops. The two sections come apart and the clear section is turned upside down and filled like a bucket – the 10 liter chicken drinker even comes with a handle like a bucket so that it easily be carried to the chicken coop. The red section is then popped into place while the poultry drinker is upside down. Once you have carried it to the correct location the whole drinker is turned back the right way. As the chickens drink, the trough around the chick fount refills. Small poultry farmers engaged in chicken farming will probably use a semi autometic drinking system such as bell drinkers.

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Troughs and couplers for chicken houses

Troughs and couplers for chicken houses

Troughs for poultry housesTroughs and couplers are made from galvanised steel and are used for poultry feed distribution in large poultry houses. They can be used in broiler houses and layer houses. A chain feeding system uses troughs for the food to be moved in – and the couplers connect the troughs together. A chain runs through the troughs which drags the chicken food. Small poultry houses will use tube feeders for feeding chickens.

A chain feeding system require power heads, and geared motors – installing a chain feeding system should not be undertaken lightly – if it is your first time you should ask a poultry company to do the installation for you. Troughs and couplers do wear out over time – so choose a supplier that carries stock of these items. A chain feeding system can be run in conjunction with a nipple drinking system – the other option to chain feeding is a pan feeding system using pan feeders.

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Giving chickens water is such a job!

If you do not have a bell drinking system in your chicken house and are using chick founts then giving your chickens water is a real pain. The amount of time spent refilling chick founts is a real time waster – better to use and automatic drinking system using bell drinkers or nipple drinkers – big, big time saver and you litter will stay a lot dryer. Wet litter is the causes hog burn – a condition (not a chicken disease) where the chickens get blisters on their feet – so bad that they cannot stand.

Nipple drinking system for poultry

Chicks at a nipple drinker

You will tell if your house is too wet if you smell ammonia when you walk in – and if you do not sort it out your chickens will start walking and on their hocks or elbows – wet litter – clear and simple – a good nipple drinking system or a bell drinkers will sort it out in no time.

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