Bell drinkers for poultry

Poultry drinkers – how to give chickens water in a poultry house? There are a number of drinking methods available for watering chickens. The cheapest way is to use chick founts – these are plastic tubes that need to be filled manually. The next best way to give a chicken water is with a bell drinker – this falls in to automatic drinking – a bell drinker is connected to a pipe in the roof that supplies water from a deader tank on the roof – as the chickens drink water so the bell drinker automatically fills up.

giving chickens water

Bell drinkers

This saves a lot of time and the bell drinkers height can be adjusted – making water waste a thing of the past – the big problem with water spillage in a chicken house is that the litter gets wet – and this causes all sorts of problems for the chickens health. A bell drinking system is the most cost effective way of watering chickens in a small poultry house.

In the larger chicken house a nipple drinking system is by far the most practical way of giving chickens water. The water is fed through a pipe and small nipples are inserted in the pipe – the chicken pecks at the nipple and a drop of water is released. No mess, no fuss and very little labour is involved once the automatic nipple drinking system is installed. The system does require some experience when installing especially if the chicken house has a slope – then slope regulators help with water pressure problems. Giving chickens water can be time consuming – and with the cost and problems with labour, an automatic system can save time, money and disease. Bell drinkers, chick fonts and nipple drinking systems for chicken houses are all available from Chicken Shack Agencies – one of the better suppliers of poultry equipment in South Africa. Automatic drinking systems and manual drinking systems for poultry houses.

drinkers and feeders for poultry house in South Africa

Tube feeders and bell drinkers in small chicken house

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  1. bennet osei afram says:

    i want to come to south africa to buy poultry equimemt so we need company to buy from so sent me your products and the price list thank.

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